482 Visa – 2 year Work Experience component

482 Visa – 2 year Work Experience component

The new 482 requires an applicant to have at least 2 years full time work experience accumulated in the past 5 years.

The work experience must be:

1- Full time (38 hours).

2- Does not need to be continuous.

3- With tasks in the nominated occupation or a relevant field.

However, part-time employment can also be counted to add up to the full-time requirement if the role was relevant and current. Casual experience is not counted.

Related field?

For work experience to be counted from a related field, policy clarifies that it must be: ‘The same or closely the same or closely related to those of the nominated occupation as outlined in ANZSCO’ and at the same skill level. For e.g. experience as a cook cannot be counted towards the experience requirement of a chef.

In addition to the above, experience can be counted where it is completed in specific industries and/or in certain circumstances.

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