Practice Areas

We work in all areas of the immigration and citizenship sphere

Our Specialties

Visa Applications

We will review your eligibility for various visa sub-classes including:

  • Temporary visas
  • Family visa applications
  • Skilled visas
  • Work visas
  • Business Visa
  • Refugee visas


We will provide you with a nal assessment based on how well you meet the suitability criteria.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

We provide legal assistance and representation in the administrative appeals tribunal.


We provide you with a strategy to assist you overcome any legal issues you are faced with. This includes reviewing your complete le, and advising you of any incomplete or missing information or evidence that requires your attention.

We also prepare legal submissions and appear at the AAT with you at your hearing.

Judicial Review

Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court of Australia and High Court.


We appear in the above listed courts for applicants in judicial review matters.
We appear at directions hearing and final hearings on your behalf.
We will also liaise with your barrister and the Minister’s lawyers on your behalf.
In the majority of circumstances, you will not need to give evidence in these courts as the issues in contention are those of an administrative law nature

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our Practice Areas

Citizenship applications

We can assist you with lodging your application for citizenship.


We provide consultancy services to lawyers & migration agencies and submission preparation in complex legal matters.

Health Criteria

We assist applicants in overcoming issues associated with not meeting the health criteria