Dismissed AAT matter reinstated

Dismissed AAT matter reinstated

In 2019, our principal solictior was approached by an individual after his AAT review application for his citizenship matter was dismissed for non-attendance! He had unfortunately been  represented  by a lawyer who didn’t even show up for the hearing.

It was unfortunate for hear this, as the legal profession is made up of very talented, committed and hard-working lawyers.

At the time, our principal applied to the AAT to reinstate the dismissed application setting out the extraordinary circumstances of his matter including: his limited english ability, illiteracy, reliance on his former lawyer for assistance and the poor ways that former lawyer acted.

The AAT successfully granted the application for reinstatement and has agreed to have the matter set for another date for hearing.

Note from Amina: These flashbacks include cases I was instructed on while I was an associate at my former firm. I was the solicitor responsible and acting for the client on the application. 

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