Choosing the right representative

Choosing the right representative

Our clients are very important to us.

We provide our clients with:

1- Honesty
2- Transparency
3- High quality professional advice

Our costs are also disclosed upfront.

We take care of our clients by reviewing the law at the time of application. The task of reviewing the law can be difficult and complex. Seeking advice from someone who is not qualified can lead to refused applications, incorrect advice and wasting your money. We have seen too many of these cases. Make sure you research the person who is giving you advice and ensure they are qualified to do so.

To be qualified, they must be registered with the Migration Agents authority at

Some agents are also qualified lawyers. To check if they are also a lawyer, you can go to the Law Society of your state, such as NSW:

You can also review their website or view their profile on LinkedIn!

For example, you can check us out on or