Hiring a foreign worker in Australia

Hiring a foreign worker in Australia

Can you hire a foreign worker in Australia?


Do you need to sponsor every visa holder you hire?


However, you should do the following things:

  1. Sight a copy of their visa. Our client’s regularly ask us for letters to provide to their employers regarding their work rights.
  2. Does their visa have work restrictions? Check the conditions of their visa to see if there are any conditions limiting their ability to work. If there are no work-related conditions, then the individual has unrestricted work rights. If  there are work conditions, then ensure the work you provide them complies with those conditions.
  3. Ask them for the following additional documentation: tax file number (Required).
  4. If they hold a visa with an expiry date, then ask them for a visa update shortly before expiry. You should also ensure you inform them that they are required to advise you if their circumstances change.
  5. If the visa does not have an expiry date, then check their visa every 3 months to ensure they still have work rights. If you will be manually checking their visa using VEVO, you must obtain written and signed permission otherwise you will be breaching their privacy
  6. FairWork – the work you provide must be able to comply with Australian Fair work rules. You must not discriminate against a foreign worker during the period of their employment on the basis of their immigration status or use unlawful employment practices.

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